Best Fishing Spots in the US

Best Fishing Spots in the US

Fishing is a nice relaxing part time hobby which is popular throughout the entire world. There are great options to fish at sea and in freshwater in different regions of the US; thus, we have listed some of the most popular below.

Southern US fishing destinations to choose

The Florida Keys is a well-known hot spot for fishermen. There are 125 miles of shoreline to fish along and, in some places, the prey can be easily caught all year round. Therefore, anglers and sport fishermen commonly choose the Keys. Large King Mackerel can be caught off the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida, especially from December through to February. The Dry Tortugas is a great choice to catch mongo mutton snapper and such, Key West is where you can find Tarpon all year round and if you are searching for Blackfin Tuna, then the middle and upper parts of the Keys are where you are likely to find them. All in all, the Florida Keys are a fisherman’s dream.

Inland fishing

Fishing is, of course, not limited to the ocean and there are some top spots in the more central parts of the country. Freshwater lakes like Lake Mead in Nevada and Lake Fork in Texas are two spots to practice this pastime. You have the option to book a charter on Lake Mead, and you are allowed to fish 24 hours a day. Many people, in fact, choose to go on Lake Mead at night, when they are likely to catch various species of bass, including striped bass and largemouth bass, sunfish, catfish and rainbow trout. Lake Fork in Texas is a very good place to catch many of the same fishes, but maybe to a lesser extent.

If fly fishing is your thing, then the Green River in Utah is the perfect place for you. The area is especially good for trout, particularly rainbow trout.  And, if trout is your passion, try Bighorn River in Montana (though there is more of this species than anything else), Lake Tahoe in California or Nevada.

Eastern coastline of the US

Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina is recommended as an excellent spot to cast your line; both inshore and offshore, and it is often dubbed an angler’s paradise. The best times to fish here are in the spring and fall months. Tuna, marlin, and sailfish are regularly caught offshore.  Inshore you are likely to angle for striped bass and flounder. Many people flock to Cape Hatteras as it is a popular destination among the fishing community.

Further north you can go to Montauk in New York State. Here again there is good inshore and offshore fishing available and there are several charters and tours that you can book. The Montauk region offers terrific sport fishing opportunities too.

These are the best spots in the United States. Whether you want to go fly fishing or do some deep-sea fishing, there is always a great spot where you are likely to catch what you are looking for.