Kayaking with Your Dog

Kayaking with Your Dog

If you have a dog then you may have noticed that it probably loves the water, maybe even more than the land (In fact, I’m pretty sure mine is amphibious as I can never get him to leave it). If you’re an avid kayaker then it’s likely that you’ve probably thought to yourself at least once, that you’d like to bring the pooch along with you, after all what is the point in leaving them at home when you know that they’d love it? Well, if this sounds like an activity, you’d love to share with your pet then there are a few things you’ll need to consider first.

The first thing to take into consideration is of course your dog. You might be thinking “That is a great idea, I’m tired of leaving her at home” but really you need think about whether or not the actually like the water. Maybe they enjoy a paddle but loathe a swim? If they don’t like the water then you’re going to need to find another kayaking partner. You should also take into consideration just how hyper the dog is, if you know that your dog can’t sit still for even a minute having them run wild could make the entire experience more of a nightmare than a dream come true. If your dog is reasonably calm and likes the water then you can start thinking about bringing them along.

Getting Started

Before you do anything, you want to make sure that you acclimatise your dog to the boat itself, you want them to be as calm as possible when you set off. Let them have a sniff about the thing, explore it so that they can become familiar with it. After this sit down in it, let them come and sit with you so they’ll know what to expect when you’re out there. Just remember, you need to take the process at a nice steady pace, you may find that there will be quite the learning curve before your both used to the experience.

The Gear You’ll Need

Dog with life jacket

You may be thinking of just slinging your furry friend in the boat and heading out as soon as you feel comfortable but there are certain things, you’ll need to take to ensure that they are safe and that you have the easiest time going you can out there. First off, and this may seem silly but you want to make sure that the pooch is equipped with a life jacket. Though they may be able to swim well you have no idea what could happen out there and even the best swimmers can get tired. This will ensure that your dog will stay afloat no matter what. Next, take a lead and maybe a harness too, this will make it easier for you to pull them out if you have to. Finally, it’s worth taking treats or a toy, you’ll want to reward them at the end of your trip for their good behaviour. And if your dogs anything like mine, it’s likely the only thing that will get them out of the water.