New Water Sports Products and Trends

New Water Sports Products and Trends

Messing about on the sea or in a river has countless permutations, and that is why new water sports are getting invented all the time, more so than any other leisure pursuit. Water is the perfect medium to have fun, you can sail on it, glide high above it, dive down into it, and just about every other type of activity you can think of. In this blog we look at some of the new innovations that are hitting the water sports arena.

The Subwing

If you ever fancied swimming like a dolphin, this new gizmo may be right up your street. The Subwing is a mix of water-skiing and diving, simply put it is an underwater wing that you hold on to whilst you get pulled by a speedboat on the water.

The benefits of this new underwater wing are that it is relatively cheap to buy, and it gives you the opportunity to swim like a real fish at speed. The wing is actually constructed from two boards that you can adjust independently, this means you can swirl, loop or perform any other fish-like maneuver.


If you love kayaking with the family but struggle to transport all the boats to the water, then you should consider investing in the Pakayak. The Pakayak is a hard shelled, full-sized kayak that can be taken apart into sections and then packed together into one lightweight and convenient small package that you can easily carry or store. The sections are connected together with a clever tongue-and-groove system, and each section acts as its own bulkhead to increase the rigidity of the craft. The sections are then clamped together with a clever patented system.

The Electric Wakeboard

Wakeboarding can be tons of fun, but the problem with it is you need a boat. Radinn have just produced an electric powered wakeboard that will solve this problem. You no longer need a tow-boat to enjoy your wakeboarding as the on-board power unit provides all the energy you need.

The Inflatable Kayak

The kings of kayaks, Hobie have just introduced a new member to their kayak range. The i11 inflatable kayak with one seat, and the two seat i14. Both kayaks feature the Hobie unique vantage seating system so the craft resembles a surfboard more than a traditional kayak.

The base part of the craft is made up of three compartments which act as air chambers to produce more buoyancy, and there is also an optional fin which makes the kayak more stable for activities such as fishing or yoga.

All the crafts in the kayak range include the MirageDrive system which allows you to go further than in a traditional kayak as you are being assisted in propelling the kayak. This is all optional, and you can of course use a paddle and disengage the propulsion system. These new innovations in the world of water sports display just how technology is assisting in our fun on the water. And in the months and years to come there will be even more fantastic water sports inventions.