The Weirdest and Most Wonderful Boats on the Sea

The Weirdest and Most Wonderful Boats on the Sea

The Kettuvallam

There are many dreamers out there who have likely weighed up the idea of setting up on a narrow boat or house bout and living out the rest of their lives on the waters. Well it’s likely you’ve never seen such a divine looking water home as this fine specimen, the Kettuvallam. In the Kerala region of India, you’ll find this style of boat constantly drifting across its calm waters. It’s made with an unbelievably ornate thatch roof that screams of all the best aspects of regional design and actually dates back around 5000 years to 3000 BCE. It was originally used to transport trade goods and passengers across the local trade routes but is now mainly used to ferry tourists.

The Seabreacher

Just look at this thing, it’s incredible! It looks just like a sailfish which alone is awesome enough to be on the list, but the Seabreacher also comes in other amazing designs such as a shark, an orca, a torpedo and an alien space craft. But wait there’s more! If you aren’t already blown out of the water by its design then you will surely be (both figuratively and literally speaking) by its ability to dive five feet below the water and leap out into the air, with speeds of up to 50 mph. I’m going to be honest if you don’t like this thing then you aren’t really going to impressed with anything moving forward.

Gibbs Aquada

This is something straight out of a James Bond film, the Gibbs Aquada is a nifty looking sports car, but nothing you’d write home about, that is until you get it out on the water and press the button that’ll fold the wheels up and turn this bad boy into a speed boat with nearly 2000 pounds of thrust kick that’ll have you flying across the water at 30mph. It’s flashy, its cool and if James Bond is anything to go by, you’ll be wooing members of the opposite sex left, right and centre to boot.

The Zipperboat

This boat was an art project built by Yasuhiro Suzuki in 2010. It wasn’t built for practical reasons and as such had no passengers upon the vessel during its outing on the open waters, the boat hadn’t been tested for rollover risk after all. It shaped like a zipper that you’d find on your jacket or your fly. Why you ask? Well that is because its art and that’s what art does. It’s hardly going to be dragging along any water-skiers but and I’m not sure if its been out on the water since that fateful year but it’s certainly weird and wonderful, so it makes the list.

The Shoeboat

Simply, it is a boat that looks just like a topsider boat shoe, rather fitting I’d say (pun intended). I believe this boat really speaks for itself, so I won’t try and do it justice with empty words but instead allow you to see it in all its glory.