The World’s Best Kayaking Places for Beginners – Part 1

The World’s Best Kayaking Places for Beginners – Part 1

If you are new to kayaking then you are probably getting used how to handle your craft and develop your technique. Whilst you are still learning then you should choose where you actually kayak carefully. Selecting the right water as a learner is an important factor for keeping your love for the sport and also giving you the greatest possibility of becoming better at kayaking. Let’s take a look at some of the very best places to go kayaking as a beginner, as you can see just because they are great for novices it does not mean they are not stunningly beautiful.

Milford Sound

Our first destination is New Zealand and in the southwest of the country you will find the beautiful Milford Sound. There are many stunning fjords in this part of the world but Milford Sound has to be one of the very best.

The placid water is surrounded by towering green peaks, and Milford Sound was once described as the eighth wonder of the world, by Rudyard Kipling. One of the very best ways to see this awesome natural phenomenon is by paddling a kayak.

Na Pali Coast

One of the most exotic locations on the planet has to be Hawaii, and in particular the small island of Kauai. Kauai offers a 20 kilometer stretch of coastline that can only be accessed by boat, and a great way to discover its rich treasures is by kayak.

The cliffs that meet the water are awesome, covered in lush green vegetation, and are studded with dramatic waterfalls and other stunning natural features. And with you in the warm tropical waters the marine life will get up close and personal as you paddle along.

Vancouver Island

If you are a whale lover, then one of the best places in the world to see them in their natural habitat is in Canada at Vancouver Island. Even if you are a kayaking novice the waters are stable enough to paddle about, and all around there are impressive mountains and ancient forests.

The best time for your kayaking adventure is from June to October, then you can normally see packs of orcas in the water, as well as many humpbacks and white-sided dolphins. 

Dalmation Coast

Dalmation Coast

Our final destination in part one of our blog is the Dalmation Coast of Croatia. Why it is so great for kayaking is that the waters are crystal clear, warm, and relatively calm. The adventure will take you through some historic parts of Croatia, and on your journey you can discover many small coves and other great natural features.

The beauty of taking a kayak trip to this part of Europe is that it does not take long to get away from the madding crowds, and soon your paddling will take you to parts of the coast that are virtually free from humanity and you will only have the company of the local marine life. In part two of this blog we find other great destinations around the world that you can go kayaking.