Top Water Sports to Try this Year

There are a range of different water sports that a person can try out – from extremely active rowing to the more leisured sailing or boating. If you like the water and prefer to exercise, then taking up a water sport is a good idea. There are few things more fun than being on the water, so the question is which are the best water activities that you should try?

Standup Paddle boarding

Provided you have good balance, this would be an awesome sport to experience. You simply paddle while standing on a board, and what is nice about this activity is you do not have to be terribly strong or athletic to do it. You can slowly paddle your way through the water while admiring the breathtaking sights of the ocean. Standup paddle boarding has the most beginners each year and it is a fun and fairly easy activity for people who have not really engaged in water sports before.


This is a sport that combines aspects of sailing with aspects of surfing. You have to stand on a board and hold a sail up so as to catch the wind. This allows you to move through the water. It does take some upper body strength though to be able to lift the sail and keep you steady. It does offer a great workout and is very enjoyable once you get the hang of it.


If you want a thrilling and exciting water sport, then this is one to try, especially if you have done some water skiing before. Wakeboarding involves being towed behind a boat as if you were skiing but this time your feet are strapped to a board. This is one activity that is sure to get your heart beating. Wake boarding is also a great way to increase the strength of your legs and arms. It is an excellent and fun activity to do.


For people who love nature and want to do a water sport, snorkeling is perfect. You get to exercise and you are very likely to see many different marine animals. It is also relatively safe compared with diving as you do not go down too deep. It would also be a great sport to try out as a family and kids can safely be taught how to snorkel.

Body boarding

Body boarding is another great activity that can safely be done with kids. It is not uncommon to see kids body boarding in the sea close to shore. It is simple to do; you just lie down on the board and let the waves carry you towards shore. You can remain stationary or paddle a little if you want. It does not have to be a strenuous activity but is certainly a lot of fun and a great way to have the whole family enjoy a sport together. There are many different water sports you can do, but these are the top ones we recommend you should try this year.