Water Jet-Board

Water Jet-Board: For Human-Dolphins

Have you ever dreamed of jumping on the surface of water and diving in the same way as dolphins do it? A water sports enthusiast from Marseille, France, Franky Zapata has constructed a new variety of jet water backpack (perhaps in this case it should be described as a flying equipment) called the Flyboard. While this design has nothing to do with boards, you can fly with it impressively. This invention will appeal to all crazy peoples who want more adrenaline in their lives.

Different Models – Similar Results

A person who wants to test this device will need to cling to the special footwear of the device, on which powerful (approximately 100 hp) jet water “power units” are attached to the soles. This is the magic that put a person in the air. It is possible to control the power of the engines, perform maneuvers in the air, on the water and under the water with the joysticks, from which the injected water currents are only much smaller.

The Jetlev is another toy for water lovers that has the same purpose as the previous one, but with a slightly different technical design. This gadget was introduced by Canadian inventor Raymond Li earlier this year. The invention of this man has also attracted great interest among water sports enthusiasts all over the world. The most important difference between these water attractions is the different way they are worn. You can also dive into the water and climb to a height of 10 meters with the Flyboard jet.

The principle of working schemes of both devices is the same: the jet that is attached to the jet backpack is driven into the air by water flows. The water is thick, a hose connected to the water motorcycle is pumped from the pool, river, lake, sea, or ocean water on which the person is entertaining and injected back with great force back into the lake.

The presentation of the equipment and the movements was done before the mainstream selling on the global market. It was organized by the selling company and the tricks as well as the safety instructions were performed by the developer of the equipment. The designer of the Flyboard Franky Zapata proved that he created an amazing thing by following his hobby and passion for the water sports. He demonstrated all the capabilities of the new equipment and proved himself that he is able not only to dive like a dolphin, but also to work in the air. Maybe not as gracefully as water-born animals but watching the performance of this fearless water sports enthusiast is fun.


Another and perhaps the most important difference of these two water toys is the price. The ordinary price of Jetlev might be said is reaching space heights, as a result, it costs about £60 thousand per one unit. However, the basic price of a Flyboard is much lower and one unit of this diving and flying equipment costs about £4.2 thousand for the buyer.